“Budyong at Tambuli” lights up the UP Oblation

“Budyong at Tambuli” lights up the UP Oblation

For this month, the UP Oblation has gotten a new look with an art installation entitled “Budyong at Tambuli” by Toym Imao, featuring soundscape by Solaiman Jamisolamin. The installation is consistent with the university’s Christmas theme “Himig ng Diliman, and it features lanterns shaped like a conch shell or a budyong, which was used in precolonial Philippines as a horn to announce the arrival of visitors, signals the start of festivities, calls the community to a gathering, or to warn of coming danger. The lanterns also take the shape of the tambuli, which has the same function as the budyong.

Budyong at Tambuli

According to UPDate:

In its 108 years, the University of the Philippines has been one of the country’s metaphorical “budyong” or “tambuli,” gathering inspired and enlightened minds from different islands of the archipelago who answer the call of higher learning and service to the nation, into its community. In its tradition of vigilance, progressive thought and action, the UP community will always sound the alarm and move against imminent threat to the liberties of the Filipino people.

Thus, the installation has a subtle, but poignant political message as well. It is up all month and worth a look in the daytime, too.


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