“Reporma x Rebolusyon” celebrates two seemingly different national heroes

“Reporma x Rebolusyon” celebrates two seemingly different national heroes

You might have been asked “Jose Rizal or Andres Bonifacio?” at least once in your life, and it’s always an interesting question, as if you’re being asked “Coke or Pepsi?”, “ABS-CBN or GMA?”, “chicken or beef?” The two national heroes are often pitted against each other, given their different views on how the independence of the country should be achieved and the measures they adopted to fight the Spanish, as well as the perception that they are total opposites: a man of words versus a man of action, a member of the intellectual elite versus a man generally perceived as working class.

“Reporma x Rebolusyon” by the artist collective Ang Gerilya celebrates the achievements of both men, and the mural looks like a nod to the fact that independence and peace can be achieved in different ways, and that there is no one single correct path to take. After all, Rizal and Bonifacio contributed to the eventual independence of the Philippines in their own ways and influenced many people.

You can view the mural on the exterior wall of Canvas Gallery along Zuzuarregui Street.


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